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My Childhood friend Johnny Williams

Johnny and I met at Park Lowery Elementary. We lived not far from each other on the Eastside. Johnny on Graves Street, after Aunt Rose's house. I lived on Ben Hur, where everyone passed by my home. Johnny's father and my father were also Masonic Brothers here in Knoxville. It was a big group of us who walked home from school P. Lowery, Norman Willis, James Gray, Terrell "Boo" Revels, Ramona Hodge, Carol Clark, etc... Johnny use to call me JamaSena. All of us who graduate in 1980 Class, no matter if it was Fulton, Austin East, Holston, Catholic, Rule, etc., we all have continued to be friends regardless of where life has taken us. The Homegoing Celebration of Johnny's life was beautiful and may GOD'S PEACE continue to keep each of you and comfort you now and forevermore! Treasure the memories of your love ones in your hearts forevermore! Continual prayers! Jz🥰

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