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A Gentleman

Since we moved to Washington, I hadn't seen Johnny since the MSM Christmas party in 2019. He is sorely missed at MSM. For eighteen years we had Johnny's smile to look forward to each work day. He and I often talked about football because I went to Penn State and remain a big fan of the Nittany Lions. He had to explain what a red shirt player means more than once to me. I always teased him about Steelers because being from Philadelphia we always rooted for the Eagles. He was a hard worker and always lead us in the birthday songs because he had a good voice. Anytime someone needed a boost to their mood he was there to lend an ear. His advise was helpful and really made us feel good. I'll never forget the day he told me that he was marrying Rhea. His eyes were so bright and his smile took up his whole face. Johnny was a private man, but I often pushed him for information regarding the many trips he and Rea took. The joy I saw in his face. I loved it. Johnny always texted me on holidays and I texted him. I thought of him in early December to remind myself to text Johnny, Merry Christmas, but it was not to be. I loved the man Johnny was and will always miss him. I know he is with his Lord now and that makes him smile.

Peggy Moore

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