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Brother Johnny was my man.

He was my brother, mentor, example, and I was blessed to have had him in my life. I would to look forward to the brothers Saturday morning prayer and discussions. I felt it was my duty to find a subject or question regarding a scripture, current event, or even a person that would require research and stimulate active discussion. After questions or statements, Brother Johnny would often open his bible and in a few minutes would tell us to read a scripture or passage in the bible. This meant most of our discussions required us to read the word. Many times during the week, I would text him regarding a scripture and together we would have our discussion.

I watched the way Brother Johnny lived; he was an example of a strong black man. Johnny could have bought and driven a high-end car if he wanted, but instead, he drove an old Ford for years and after that one had problems he bought well maintained used car. When asked why don’t you buy a new car he stated. “Why? This car runs as good as a brand new one”. He enjoyed good food and travel. He was a golfer. He did not gossip, or brag. He visited the sick and was a part of an organization that gave to the community. He was my example of what a Deacon should be. He walked the talk. He was a Godly man.

Brother Johnny was generous. One Saturday before our men's prayer, he came up me, handed me a new gray leather cap, and said, “Cartwright I saw this cap and thought you would like it, so here you are”. For many years when the brothers went to the coffee shop after prayer, Brother Johnny would tell the person behind the counter “let them have whatever they want and I will pay for it”. I think he picked up that and a few other good things from his mentor Deacon Hilliard.

Because of Brother Johnny Williams, I am a better man. I thank God for placing Brother Johnny Williams in my life.

Deacon Tom Cartwright

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