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My co-worker, my friend...

My fondest memory of Johnny, he was always the first in the office and we shared the love of music (especially Jazz). We would listen to the local Jazz station at work all day. The radio station would frequently have call in contest which we would call in tandem to get through. This particular morning I was about 8 months pregnant with my last child and they announced the call in as I was driving in. I pulled up to the office, tires screeching, jumped out of the running car, ran up to the front door where Johnny met me and thought I was in labor. I am screaming at him to call the radio station. Well, Johnny got thru, won two tickets to Philadelphia to see Al Jareau. Now, the agreement was whoever won would share with the other, Don’t know how I had planned to explain that to my husband. Johnny took the trip and had a blast, all I got was a magnet.

Rest in Heaven my dear friend! God has taken a truly loyal and faithful foot soldier.

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