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Always on Sunday

Always on Sunday you stood at the gate. Go on inside y’all don’t matter if you’re late.

Always on Sunday stood a God-fearing man. A man of conviction we came to depend.

Always on Sunday opening the door. You welcomed the masses the wealthy and poor.

Always on Sunday looked him square in the eyes. Firmly shook my son’s hand and filled him with pride.

A kind Christian greeting and unwavering faith, spoke to our spirits yes, we’re in the right place.

A leader, a teacher, protector, provider. God sent to Ms. Rea life’s journey together.

May the Lord hold her up give her strength he will do, your family, your friends everyone touched by you.

When we gather in this place of praise and worship, we’ll forever remember God’s good and faithful servant...

Always And On Sunday.

B. Mater Cofield

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